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David CAPES is since 2018 a contractual public servant working for the County (Département) of Bordeaux Gironde comanaging a Creative Economy <-> Human Resource <->  Societal Innovation program using European Social Funds : www.gironde.fr/place

In the context of the responsibilty that I have, I am responsible for a Research & Development project that aims at adding webtools for socioprofessional development in the field of Arts & Creative Economy in a Digital Age. We use this context to test how Pierre Levy’s ieml logic helps to codesign public policies for human development, see :


I still have some others activities as Consultant Teacher Researcher in Paris & Bordeaux, teaching students in Masters of Economy, Culture and Public Management at University of Toulouse Capitole and Bordeaux Institute of Political Science and University of Bordeaux Montaigne. I can be partner of others as London School of Economics , for example for the Forum Shaping our Future, see: http://www.ledforum2015.com/speakers.html also involving an international organization I have been working for www.govint.org – As Consultant-Researcher, I manage programs, conceiving and applying tools for Participatory and Multi-institutional Projects in the field of Knowledge Management for Ecohuman Development involving :
– Agroecology, Local Authorities and communities, Small Business Development Programs, Community Development
– Creative economy, Aesthetic-based Socio-Professional Empowerment,
– Health and Human Resources Policies, Environmental and Land Planning…
I have run public/private programs in these fields for Companies, State Agencies, Big cities / Counties / Inter-cities and rural zones Elected and Public Officials, Chambers of Commerce or Craftmen, Unions and Cooperatives of Farmers.
_ As University Teacher I have created, apply and still improve educational tools, and also have administratively managed (in France) state diplomas in Participatory Public Adminisration. The tools that I have created and can create and apply, set students in conditions to learn concepts and principles and apply them through case studies situations (with video simulation). Dealing with these situations make them experimenting concretely deliberation within the group of students. They think about and confront concepts and principles to the case studies that refers toEmpowerment Policies, Professional Development, Aesthetics in society, Communication & Management Skills, Organizational Communication, Public Participation, Multi-institutional Project Management, etc

As Researcher I have got a Doctorate in France (Communication studies), and I have presented and published papers and communications, manage research projects within Universities and the CNRS, take part in EURO-AMERICAN Research Networks (involving US NSF projects) that links :
1. theoretical analysis of social-pragmatist and personalist core concepts that allow to manage Public Participation situations and projects (considering the history and anthropological values of the people, territories and institutions that are concerned),
2. the use of concurrent engineering conceptual frameworks for crossing the public participation processes and a results-oriented multi-institutional project management approach,
3. references to case studies in order to learn from experiences and confronting theoretical approaches to the reality of situations to deal with, and projects to manage….